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Caring for your Simply Precious Jewellery

Your Simply Precious jewellery is very special and we want it to stay beautiful. It is handmade from 99.9% pure silver otherwise known as fine silver. Fine silver is slightly softer than sterling silver and therefore a little extra consideration should be given when wearing and caring for your jewellery. Just like those on your hands, the fingerprint is also delicate so please treat your jewellery with special care and attention and follow the instructions below:
Bracelet Charms - Charms can see particularly high levels of wear and tear. Therefore please treat with particular TLC and space out around your bracelet, do not sit next to other charms as daily 'rubbing' against other pieces may wear away the prints. Please also avoid wearing the bracelet carrying your fingerprint charms with other bracelets at the same time as this will increase levels of wear and tear and may lead to the fingerprint wearing away. Please remove before showering, swimming, exercising, sleeping, cleaning particularly when using chemicals and cooking.

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March 31st 2019